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These are my little doodles and drawings~ Feel free to explore :)

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Oh hello! I've got a little contest for you guys~! As the title implies is had to do with a nightmare. The point is simple. You have to draw a hellish character conpletely of your own design. But there's a few things you must imply. It must be a four legged creature. That leaves a lot of options. There's no specification to what I mean by "four legged". It can be a taur of some kind, a demon dog, a dragon even. Mutilated/mutated human? Go ahead. Just has to be four legged and say "NIGHTMARE" in how its drawn. I'll be posting something soon to give you some thoughts to ponder on, but no copyig my design, but you can pick and choose and take from it. I have nothing against that. The contest ends on April 18

First place:
receives 2 all-out large scale format drawing(full shading and highlighting plus a bg and etc. all free)

Second place:
Receives 1 flat color full outline image. 

Third place:
One fine inked sketch. 

The current entries are:
diddledoo11 The Nightmare contest entry by diddledoo11
Dragonluvr1 NIGHTMARE by Dragonluvr1
battlestoriesfan NIGHTMARE by battlestoriesfan
ZephyrZoldyke / DROPPED OUT
And now the judging begins. 
You're going to try and intimidate me?

wow. A senior at my school decided to be a dick to a freshman so I stood up to him and whacked his chest  and he goes all snobby at me saying "you realize I'm a senior right?" Like it put down authority over me. News flash. I don't back down to titles very easily. I whacked him again and he tried to shatter my sunglasses. Fortunately they're really cheap thick ones that don't break very easily so they just bounced off the carpet. I waited till he thought he had adjusted his authority over me and I smacked his sunglasses out of his hands harder and actually cracked them giving him a smug look. For a big guy he was really weak. He tried to throw me against he wall and I came nowhere near against it just putting my hand to it and slapping him hard upside the back of his head. He returned it weakly and I just stared at him and elbowed his side. He stomped on my foot and exclaimed "that hurt little girl?!" Okay. I have an extreme pain tolerance. I'm not weak. And I'm not little. I just stared at him and slapped him again before booting him out the door and he left puffing out his chest like he showed me or something. Really? What a prideful son of a bitch. Normally I have my mini dagger keychain on my backpack but that went missing. I wouldn't have hurt him...much...maybe a cut or two....but the guy is probably going on to his friends right now about how he "beat up a girl who tried to fight him and lost" and how he "totally won". Geeze. I hate dickheads like that. 
Telling my mood and current state of mind isn't always that easy but here are some signs of mine:
depressed/sad: my head is always held up and I act like anyone else would with nothing wrong and what not. Except. My bangs are always in my face covering the left side. I'll still smile but it'll be brief and I'll be more quiet and unresponsive. I will still talk and communicate and what not but I'm just...yeah I'll also wear darker clothes with hoods
happy/contest: hair is pulled out of my face and I wear brighter colors that are still dark though. So Yep. There's your differences. 
To My Mother
By Grace G.

I love you mother,
I really do,
But sometimes you bother
You pester you go
Ahead and do things one after another
It's all said and done and I just tell you "no."

I love you mother,
I really do,
But sometimes you push me farther and farther
Recently you pulled the last straw
Why do you do this do you even care?
It's tearing me apart and gnawing me raw

These things you do
They hurt me and hurt me
I love my work for to all to show
You pulled the thread and the needle broke
Why do you go
And do this to me?

I make these things
I work so hard
I love these happenings
When I'm in my own world
Then I turn my back and take my leavings
Over and over again and again
I've forgiven you when I return from all my routines
The past and present
But now it seems
You've gone too far
You see these things?

These things are my work
My life my world
I love what I do but it seems like a circus. 
Why do I say this?
You should know, it all seems like chaos!

To my mother,
I love thee so,
But you've gone to cover
The mistake you've made

You promise to buy
It all back again
But it's not that easy
It never is. 

In the near future I'll forgive you again, 
But this mistake isn't like most where I'll just turn around
I don't know if I can do this, keeping this sane
With all the chaos you cause in my life. 

I still love you,
Dear mother,
And that is true
My bond with you is forever
But just leave me be now, this is your cue
Take your leave and make a bow. 

But to my mother, 
I still care for you
I will hate you never
And always want you there
To My Mother
Just...recently my mom made a huge mistake and ruined many of my costume supplies by pouring rotting trash into my bag of supplies thinking it was all things I was throwing away. There was over $300 worth of materialsin that bag, most didn't seem salvageable but I managed a good part of it. Some couldn't be saved due to soda stains I couldn't get out and foam that had turned to stone from the solidifying and sticky old cans of soda that still had some leftover in it. She wanted to buy it all again but a lot of those materials were limited edition materials I can't get for a long time. She's accidentally thrown away my clothes, my headphones, my sketchbooks, all of the above. If its on the floor, even if its organized, she registers it as trash and throws it away. I've forgiven her for those things because they were simple and easy to get more of. But in that bag there was a half made costume, fabrics for a dress I was making, a head piece I was working on for another costume(I managed to salvage that along with the dress pieces and the half made costume) but a lot of things were lost....


FireclawandIceclaw has started a donation pool!
1,455 / 100,000
I mainly would enjoy having the opportunity to buy prints and what not. Perhaps some DA wear to have. I would be very happy if you could allow my wish to come true if it is possible at all. I also really want a premium membership too, please allow me to have that! Thank you my friends!

Point Commissions OPEN by Snow-Body Requests Open by Timesplitter92

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And now the judging begins. 


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United States
eh, im just a team player... i do take requests and stuff. NO ANIMATION REQUESTS!!!

"My name is Fireclaw. I am a 5,000 year old legendary fire demon. Over the many generations, I have matured to the point where I am no longer a threat, but a hero, yet still feared by those who think my legend of terror is still true. When I am startled, scared, surprised, or hyper, which I am VERY hyperactive might I add. When they ignite, I am capable of burning whatever is in my path.
About my flames: About my flames now, my bangs, paws, and tail ignite into flames. I have the capability to vanish into fire at uncalled for times. I can use fire such as eternal flames that can reach very far distances. My farthest distance is from earth to the moon.
I am a light grey coloured wolf. I stand at exactly 3ft. 6" when I am in my wolf form, and when I am in my human form, I stand at exactly 5ft. 4", I know, I'm small."
My Weight: I don't weigh a pound. Because I am the spirit of fire, I weigh just as much as fire.
My Colors: It's pretty obvious, that is, if you've seen the pictures. But if you haven't, my main body color is a light grey, my bangs tail and paws all have the design of fire, red, orange, yellow, and my eyes are a deep bergandy color."

I can be very intelligent, if I want to, but I usually just act cute, sweet, and dumb!

Also, some people do call me "Hi no shinzō" or "Heart of Fire" translated

Also, I would like to put my list of awesome people I've met here on DA!
I am Fireclaw! I love to Role Play, talk to friends, and plenty of other great things! Leave a little comment of some kind and I'd love to get to talk to you!

Psssssssssst.....Click me for a secret link!!!
Find ALL of my art on my other account: :iconfireclawiceclaw:

Or chains at that....

Also~:heart: My boyfriend~:iconbattlestoriesfan:


for those we lost by sakredsoul

This day was very sad because of what had happened to all those poor innocent children and the adults, and to kill himself as well. Thi...

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